Are rates fixed or variable?

Rates are variable, and adjust monthly based on an index published in the Wall Street Journal®.

What is the loan structure and term?

All ToolingCASH.com loans are Interest only with lump sum payment due the sooner of 24 months from the initial draw, or when you are paid for the tool by your customer.  Loans are drawn in a maximum of 3 draws.

How secure is my data?

Our systems are engineered to meet the stringent security requirements of regulated industries, with best-in-class compliance, including SOC III, GDPR, and PSD2.

How can you finance my tooling projects when others can’t?

ToolingCash.com is a private lender and has designed a simple, proprietary process that works. This allows you, the Supplier, to manage the entire tool design and build process but still allows ToolingCASH.com to retain its security interest in the tool to ensure recovery on our loan. The entire process will be explained in full once you execute our mutual non-disclosure agreement.

What are the interest rates?

The rates charged on your loans will vary based on the index published in the Wall Street Journal® plus a Spread that will vary based on your financial picture. The Spread will remain constant throughout your loan unless you default.

Can I market my business as an “Approved ToolingCASH.com Supplier”?

Yes, this is definitely a great idea to differentiate your business as being financially able to support your customers. Contact our customer support folks for a badge that you can use in your materials.