Yes, it is Totally Nuts that you’ve had to be a Bank for Toyta, General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, etc. 

The idea for was born more than a decade ago as we looked for financing options to support growth of our own manufacturing companies.


Until now, your options have been very limited

As industry veterans who understand the challenges faced by Tier I and Tier II automotive and aerospace manufacturers we, like you, realized our options were limited. 


No longer is it you against the world

And like you, we were forced to figured it out, working (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) inside all the constraints imposed by blue chip OEMs, our own bank, leadership, cash flow.


Your tooling work is now given the support it deseves

The main issues were always linked to tooling not being an asset that banks would lend against, and our blue chip OEMs turning a deaf ear to this challenge. It was the price of poker, it seemed. 


A groundbreaking advancement in finance tooling

It wasn’t until recently that we finally had the opportunity to launch With the help of a proprietary process, hard-won experience and expertise, a set of investors who get it, plus the best resources, technology and intentions, we finally have solved it. 


Winning in manufacturing isn’t easy. But now, getting financing for your tooling projects can be. The resources are now available to resolve this for the industry, right here. 


Now is the Time to stop being the bank for your customers is rapidly becoming the gold standard in the industry. Join us.

Cheers to your growth.